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About us (VOGA Canada)

The Vembadi Old Girls’ Association in Canada (VOGA Canada) was inaugurated in 1988 and ever since it has been championing the love and loyalty of its members for their alma mater. All its members are past students/former staffs who studied at Vembadi Girls’ High School in Sri Lanka at various times and in different eras. It has an administrative committee elected from and by the members. All of its activities are orchestrated by its own elected executive committee.


VOGA Canada encourages goodwill, volunteer involvement and unity among its members and their families through conducting social, educational and cultural events. It continues to provide support for the wellbeing and development of its alma mater in Sri Lanka. It embodies the values and pride of the alma mater by consciously following the rules and principles of its own constitution.


VOGA Canada is registered as a Not-for-profit Corporation under ONCA (Not-For-Profit Corporations Act) in Ontario, Canada. For more information on Not-for-profit Corporation and ONCA (Not-For-Profit Corporations Act), please visit the Government of Ontario’s website, Ontario.ca under Not-For-Profit Corporation].

VOGA Canada has members from across Canada as well as from the United States since there is no official Vembadi Old Girls’ Association in the United States. The members from the US have been very supportive and helpful in various ways over the years. VOGA Canada has its own paid membership program as well. It is categorized into life membership and annual membership.


Life Membership:

Anyone who wishes to become a Life Member pays a one time membership fee of$100.00 CAD and will become eligible to participate in the administrative/official affairs (stand in an executive committee election, voting) as well as in the other normal activities of VOGA through their lifetime.Upon receiving a Life Membership, a decorative pin will be presented to recognize their enrolment as a member of VOGA Canada.



Annual Membership:

Anyone who wishes to become an Annual Member pays a one-year term fee of $10.00 CAD. The Annual Membership is valid only for one year from January to December of the same year. An Annual Member can only participate and be involved in VOGA’s administrative/official activities (stand in an executive committee election, voting) during that one year period exclusively. Their Annual Membership has to be renewed in January every year if they wish to stay active in the successive years.

VOGA Canada mainly focuses on bringing all of its Old Girls/Alumni in Canada and the US under the one umbrella named “VOGA Canada” and providing a sense of belonging to all its members. It dedicates its time and effort to encourage and practice love, friendship and unity within its Old Girls/Alumni.VOGA Canada conducts a variety of events and activities throughout the year in order to maintain a happy, healthy, fun and loving environment amongst the alumni.Below is an overview of the VOGA events and activities. It will be informative to those who are a new member of VOGA Canada or who are unfamiliar with the details of VOGA events.


There are 6 major events that take place over the course of a year.
  1. VOGA Movie – The first VOGA event held at the beginning of the year usually happens in March. A selected number of seats will be sold at a cheaper ticket price to watch a Tamil movie in a theatre.
  2. VOGA Masala – Vembadi Masala is a social, fun and also a business event which is usually hosted a week before Mother’s Day in May or April. Admission is free. VOGA Masala brings communities together and encourages individuals to support small businesses and entrepreneurs who are mostly Vembadians as well as their families and friends.
  3. VOGA Picnic – This is a fun-filled picnic/sports event, traditionally organized in collaboration with the Old Boys of Jaffna Central College. It is usually held during the summer months.
  4. VOGA Trip – This is a pre-organized one-day trip within Ontario, Canada. It usually takes place in the summer months as well.
  5. VOGA Dinner Dance – This is a formal, fun and social event that usually takes place in the fall months. It is the most anticipated event of the year. It is a ticketed event and the VOGA Annual Dinner Dance Magazine is released at this event.
  6. VOGA Kalaivizha – This cultural event is completely dedicated to embrace and promote all different art forms and traditions of Sri Lanka and India to us and to the younger generations in particular. This not an annual event and held every five years.

It provides an opportunity for all the Vembadians to showcase their talents. It involves a lot of preparation such as auditioning, practicing and rehearsals. It is indeed an entertainment event.

The other minor celebrations held within the VOGA community are:

  1. Saraswathy Pooja
  2. Xmas Carols

In addition to hosting the above mentioned events, VOGA Canada regularly communicates with its members by maintaining a VOGA Webpage as well as by issuing a Newsletter every month electronically.

VOGA also keeps its members informed with current news (such as obituaries, important notices and celebrations etc) related to VOGA as well as to its alma mater through email and social media.

Overall, VOGA Canada has been and will be a significant platform that brings the entire Alumni and their families together under one roof to celebrate and commemorate the affection, care and loyalty that they have towards their alma mater.